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Joseph Toniolo

Joseph Toniolo

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Joseph Toniolo




Oh! My Jesus - who died and rose for me ...

Holy Saturday, April 24, 1886. - In your holy August presence, oh my God, on this solemn day, after having humbly invoked your adorable name and offered the eternal Father the passion and merits of Jesus on the cross, (...) I renew all my baptismal promises (...) Oh my Jesus who died on the cross among the most profound humiliations, among the physical sufferings of every guise, among the bitterest moral sufferings, deign to listen to my poor declarations.
I want to practice: in the humility deep, (...) in the obedience, (...) and in the patience, (…)in the'self-denial of spirit, (...) so that I live abandoned to your love. (…) Oh my Jesus who died for me! Let me die to myself, to rise again with you.

6 April 1890. Easter. - Oh! My Jesus - who died and rose for me - (…) Oh! Mercy my Jesus, for the pains and joys of Joseph and Mary, for your humble, hardworking, patient life, for your most generous passion, for your most obedient death, and finally for your resurrection! (…) Validate my resolutions, not resting on my natural strengths, but entirely on your grace, I beg you humbly, most confidently, with perfect abandonment. Because today I want for you, and for your holy glory - to be most obedient to your law, to your superiors, to your aspirations - promptly, blindly, with intimate uniformity, with perseverance, at any cost! (…) Do what you want, what you want, how you want; I do not want anything else, but this is my heartfelt, unlimited, resolute desire: in manus tuas, Domine, commendo spiritum meum. In te Domine you hoped not to confundar in aeternum. Oh! By means of this death I will rise with you. But this will be a miracle, O Lord, whose praise I pay to you from now on, in order to repeat it in eternity. To me nothing, to you everything!The duty of human solidarity
Above the same legitimate goods and interests of individual nations and states there is an inseparable note that coordinates them all in unity, that is to say the duty of human solidarity, with the interest of cooperating all harmoniously, with equal, free and meritorious emulation, to the common civilization.

laid down by the Letter to his son Antonio
In God, may you always seek and see and taste the joys of the future family, and the progress of your scientific investigations and the dissolution of social questions; and the predictions of the future democracy, and the vindication of the homeland and its greatness, and the progress of civilization through the Church; everything that forms (I know and enjoy it) our common ideal.

Fiat voluntas tua
Oh my God! Therefore the knowledge and fulfillment of your will is the goal of our life here below, it is the compendium of all our duties; it is the goal and the term of all justice of all perfection; it is the subject of all our glory and all our happiness. Oh! My God, let me make you a prayer that sums up all the others, the prayer that you, my sovereign, my father, my teacher, have taught me: fìat, fìat voluntas tua!
Oh! Most wise, or sovereign, or most kind, or most sweet will of my God, how much you deserve to be sought with simplicity of heart, with fervor of desires, with enthusiasm of affection, received and guarded with humility and gratitude, carried out with diligence, generosity, tireless industriousness and perseverance. Oh, in this consists the duty and the virtue of charity: because what is love, except the adherence of the will of the lover to the will of the beloved, so that an ineffable union of the two is effected by means of the will?

The ineffable union
What is love except the adherence of the will of the lover to the will of the beloved, so that an ineffable union of the two is effected by means of the will?

The inner life
In vain, outward action returns orderly and fruitful (according to the designs of Providence) without preceding it and constantly accompanying the interior life, that is, the exercise of the intimate virtues in the daily reform of oneself.

Economy and personal profit
These and other sentiments, which with the spirit of personal interest have the same root in our soul, since they necessarily affect the entire industriousness of man, so they affect every social economic fact, which therefore must be considered as the result of a bundle of component forces, in which the personal profit acts under the modifying influence of all the other impulsive causes.

Friends disciples
… Have the utmost concern for my disciples, treating them as a sacred deposit, as friends of my heart, to be directed in the ways of the Lord. Do not allow me to be guided in my actions or in my behavior towards them by any reason for self-love, but only by the charity and glory of God.

Crisis of civilization
… The need and urgency that even today the greatest crisis of civilization and its catastrophes are prepared with such and more effective arrangements and remedies, through the replacement of the right to dominate force; applying it to a better resolution of the problems that provoked today's world conflict, pointing out the directions, means, bodies and sanctions for future accommodation or improvements.


Via Crucis of the world of work with a quote from the blessed
by the Provincial Acli of Pisa
in collaboration with the Social Pastoral Office
of the Archdiocese of Pisa